Anchor Loop Backyard 100

Anchor Loop Backyard 100

America's Toughest 100? Perhaps! We also think it's one of the most fun ultra races out there. 100% of event proceeds go to local charities in Northfield. Can you have all the fun?!

Start Date & Time: Friday, September 15 at 1:00pm EST
Max. Participants: 100

Backyard Ultra Meets Traditional 100-miler

Like a Backyard Ultra, each participant has 1 hour to complete an Anchor Loop. Unlike a traditional backyard ultra, our loop is but a mere 1.89 miles. Yet in that 1 loop, each participant will ascend and descend 884 feet. Like a traditional 100-miler, there is no official finisher until reaching the finish distance of 100.12 miles -- after completing 53 loops and climbing (and descending) 46,862 feet of vert in 53 hours.

Just One More Hour...

Despite the sufferfest you will surely endure (mentally, physically and emotionally!), the conclusion of each loop gives you the opportunity to rest and recharge at your aid station, while sharing in the sights, sounds and excitement of fellow competitors, spectators, and support crews in the staging zone. When the bell rings, then you have 2 minutes prior to the start of the next loop, at which point it's just "one more hour...!"

Want to register?

Click here to register for the event on Ultrasignup. (link coming soon)